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We greatly appreciate the help of the following sponsors:

The Andrews


 Carl Rose Soccer Academy is focused on developing skilled, smart, creative players who love and further the game. Carl played professionally and internationally, and has coached elite youth club teams of every age, including state ODP teams. His experience and passion for the game is unrivaled in the Springfield area, and his effect and influence can be seen on any given game day as former players and parents stop by to catch up and give (or get) a hug or handshake.




At CRSA, we judge success by looking at consistent player and team improvement. Regardless of the skills a player possesses when joining the club, or a team’s win/loss record, we expect each player to work diligently at becoming better every time they lace up.


Each player has a unique perspective on the game. We try to maximize their unique character on the field. In other words, you will not see 11 clones playing together during a game. You will see your child, influenced and inspired by Carl and the other coaches, making their own original mark on the pitch.


Coaches will not constantly shout instructions about exactly what to do and where to move throughout games. Instead, players will develop the tools (mental and physical) they need to make choices for themselves on the field based on the situations presented to them. 



Carl Rose

Head Coach

Coaching License:

  • USSF 'A'     

Coaching History:

  • Coached numerous State and Regional Champions
    the past 25 Years at various clubs

Playing Experience:

  • Professional Player for 10 Years

  • Canadian National Team

  • Canadian Olympic Team

Married to Teri, one son Reno a former coach at SSC now resides in St. Louis

Favorite Players

  • Messi, Ronaldo, Giggs & Pele 


Favorite Clubs

  • Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspurs, West Ham United


Phone: 417-207-4110

Cody Cash

Staff Coach


Coaching License:  

  • USSF 'D'


Coaching History:

  • Coached at Springfield Soccer Club 2011-2015

  • Coached several youth teams in Nixa and at LCS prior to coaching at SSC


Playing Experience:

  • Drury University

  • Glendale High School

  • KDEB Kosmos (club)


Married to the lovely Allison, with two kids:

  • Chloe (who plays for Drury University) 

  • Colin (who plays for CRSA)


Favorite Players:

  • Messi, Zidane, Rapinoe, Giggs, Scholes, Lloyd


Favorite Clubs:

  • Manchester United, Barcelona, Sporting KC


Phone: 417-773-2911

Sam Blaine

Staff Coach

Coaching License:  

  • USSF 'E'


Coaching History:

  • Coached at Panthers Soccer 2010-2015

  • Coached at Pershing Middle School 2012-2014

  • Coached many misc teams over the years with Lake Country Soccer


 Playing Experience:

  • SMSU & SBU

  • Hillcrest High School

  • Panthers '78 (Drury club team)


Married to Natalie since 1999 with 4 kids: 

  • Drew (plays for Carl Rose 2000 & Glendale High School)

  • Pete (plays for Carl Rose 2002 & Pershing Middle School)

  • Emily (dance, art, cooking, and anything fun),

  • Lewis (climbing, Dusty Crophopper collecting, & everything else)


Favorite Players: 

  • Arjen Robben, James Rodriguez, Fabio Coentrao, Memphis Depay, Gareth Bale, Benny Feilhaber


Favorite Clubs:

  • Real Madrid, Sporting KC, Tampa Bay Rowdies


Phone: 417-224-4531



Longterm dedication to and success in any sport is born out of having fun. If a player never smiles at practice, we’ve haven’t done our job. Yes, this is a competitive club. And yes, we have high expectations for all of our players. But CRSA was born out of a genuine love of the game as a game. 


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Carl Rose Soccer Academy

PO Box 14081, Springfield MO 65814

Tel: 417-207-4110

  • Facebook - White Circle


Becoming a part of the Carl Rose Soccer Academy has been a great experience. Far too many coaches don’t realize that every day, in almost everything that they say and do, and for better or worse, they are teaching life lessons to their athletes that go beyond the insignificant number of wins and losses. Carl does so much to build individual player skills on the field, but also influences essential lessons about the value of integrity, hard work, honesty, fairness, sportsmanship, how to master both success and failure, the importance of teamwork and sacrificing personal needs for the greater good, how to handle adversity, the need for compassion and caring, what a positive role model is and much more. Not only does Carl teach these life lessons but he models these behaviors and interactions with other athletes and everyone he comes in contact with on and off the field.


Carl knows the impact that he has on the players, and players come away from the experience a much better person with a renewed commitment to personal excellence, a positive attitude and increased self-confidence. This is because Carl knows that the experience is really about the athletes, not the coach. When you join the Carl Rose Academy, you are joining the Carl Rose family. 


- The Robertson family


After recently moving from Kansas City, our daughter who has played soccer since she was 2 years old had trouble finding a Club Team that "fit". After trying a few, Carl Rose Soccer Academy was an instant win. Mr. Rose undoubtedly has a special knack for cultivating the very best out of his teams. His instruction on and off the soccer field has followed my daughter throughout her first year of high school soccer and remains the "voice" she listens too to push her to do her very best. Thanks, CRSA! 


- Regan O'Rourke

We chose CRSA because our son immediately connected with Cody and Carl and their positive and encouraging coaching style. It has been a wonderful learning experience for him and he continues to grow and improve under their direction, both as a soccer player and a young man.


- Kristi Hamilton

We knew of Carl's reputation from having known others who have played for him. My daughter was a little apprehensive about playing for Carl because she didn't know him. But, the majority if her teammates were going to be playing for Carl, so we decided to make the move as well. We are so happy that we did. 


Carl knows the game like the back of his hand. He sees strengths in the players and places them where he sees those strengths. Just because they played defense of forward previously does not determine that's where they will play for Carl. We have seen some surprising movement with some amazing results. My daughter has learned more playing for Carl than all of her other previous coaches combined. He is not critical, as we have experienced with other coaches. He instructs, recognizes progress, and gives credit where credit is due. You will never see Carl yell at and degrade a player. My daughter, and her teammates, have a great deal of respect for Carl. He is a great role model. From Carl, they have learned much more respect for the game and the officials. 


If you are considering to have your son or daughter play for Carl, I would encourage you to make the move to join CRSA. It's one of the best decisions you could make for your child's growth as a soccer player. 


- Jan Clinton

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